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Combination of creativity & quality is PetalCreation.com. Graphic Design is a creative process that enhance the visual communication with the help of visual art and design. We follow the process with three milestones namely Quality, Time & Cost which leads us to the success and satisfaction for our performance.

We serve our clients with beautiful and innovative graphic designs to create their own unique identity in the corporate world. We always provide the client with versatile graphic designing ideas and extremely unique concepts by designing their company logo, stationery designs, brochure design, flyer design, advertise design, package design, calendar design and Icon Design.

 PetalCreation.com also specialize in other graphic designing areas like logo conversion, bitmap to vector conversion and custom graphics. Custom Graphics include CD cover design, label designs, sticker designs, danglers, billboards, seasonal greetings, invitation cards, T-shirts, caps etc.

Other Services

  • Services – Web Design
  • We design: Static websites, e-commerce sites, social media sites, flash websites and applications, blogs, custom informational sites, etc.
  • Website Design and Multimedia Solutions

Everyone’s on the web these days and YOU get only first 15 seconds to make the first impression on the visitor. PetalCreation.com makes a unique and specifically tailored website design for your business or company to make an everlasting impression on your visitors. We are a Web Design Company that goes far beyond designing; we empower our clients to grow with their web presence.

 We have acquired proficiency in providing you web designing solutions from informational websites to complex e-commerce portals. Whether you’re well established company looking for revamping your website or starting up with your business, our expert designers cater to all your needs. At, Alliance Graphics.net, we make use of the state-of-the-art design practices and we’ve successfully bestowed our clients with e-commerce solutions, social media sites, creative Flash websites and applications, blogs, custom informational websites and much more.

 Smart design is a great tool to get attention and let us make you the center of attraction with our proficient web design services.

 Logo Design

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  • Services -Logo design
  • We Design:Logo, Brand identity
  • Company and Business Logo design

What is a logo? Why is it important for your project or company?

The logo or brand is not just a graphic manifestation of the service or products of the company instead it reflects the company motto and its profile. Nowadays it is not only important but a necessity for a company to have a unique identity in the corporate world. Logo allows the targeted audience to easily catch the company ideas in this competitive market.

PetalCreation.com not only gives the style or a unique look but also design visually attractive logos for the corporate branding purposes that will attract the targeted audience and create a professional, credible image.

As the logo is required to be used for different purposes that is for Letterheads, Business cards, Advertisements, Website etc. The logo has to be in different size and format thus considering this we provide it in different formats like .eps, .tiff, .jpg, .gif, .ai, .cdr or .psd.

Stationery Design

Services- Stationery Design
We Design: Business card, letterheads, envelopes.
Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelope design
Stationery Design includes business card design, letterhead design, and envelope design.
PetalCreation.com provides consistency across all business stationery design which is from business cards to letterheads and envelopes.
The business card is a quick and easy way to pass on one’s information in a professional manner. We provide striking visual designs for the business cards as they are considered as the most portable and affordable tool for marketing.
Letterhead is used for providing business proposals, invoice or memos to the clients, so we design them considering the impact that will be created on the reader. Equally creative is the envelope for the letterheads as the theme for both go hand in hand.

Bitmaps to Vector

Services – Bitmap to Vector
We Convert: vector conversion, scanned bitmaps, sketched drawings, old graphics

Vectorizing scanned bitmaps, sketched drawings etc.

PetalCreation.com provide efficient service of converting bitmap graphics formats into scalable hand drawn vector conversion services. We are expert enough to vectorize all kinds of logos, graphics or any old scanned image, manually hand sketched drawing, industrial components, vehicle linework, logo repairing, cartoon characters, 2D-3D graphics etc. This job of bitmap to vector conversion we perform with perfection to give it a real-like look.

Brochure Design

Brochure Designi

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Services – Brochure Design
We Design: brochures, product catalogues, flyers, bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure
Bi-fold, Tri-fold brochure designing

What is a brochure & catalogue design? Why is it important for your project or company?

Brochure is the best media to visualize the company profile and details in a graphical manner with some textual description, thus brochure is considered as the vital marketing tool. PetalCreation.com helps the industries to convey their services and messages with professionally design brochure, company catalogue, newsletter and Business cards. Brochure is the easiest way to represent a company, its services and products altogether. A brochure with the complete details of the products and its variety is called a product catalogue.

All kinds of brochures whether it is tri-fold brochure, sales brochure, marketing brochure, training manual, booklet or catalog design, we have the expertise to deliver quality brochure design within your timeframe.

PetalCreation.com designs the brochure for a company with the motto to leave a unique impression in the mind of the reader. We design the brochure in a manner that it effectively communicates the fundamentals of the company and its products and services. A high-quality, professionally-designed brochure & catalogue will help you to promote your products and services in the most elegant way.

The main objective of Brochure design is to disseminate the message of an organization to targeted people through a booklet.

Calendar Design

Services – Calendar Design
We design: wall calendar, photo calendar, desk calendar, tabletop calendar, poster calendar and pocket calendar.
Wall Calendar, Desk Calendar, Pocket Calendar Designing

PetalCreation.com has a very good experience when it comes to customized calendar designing. Calendar design is one of the most important tools for promotional marketing as calendar highlight company logo, product photographs etc. We design attractive tabletop calendars, wall calendars, planners, poster calendars and pocket calendars.

We offer calendar design as a stand-alone service or as a part of marketing campaign. You can choose from different kinds of calendar design wall calendar, photo calendar, desk calendar, poster calendar, tabletop calendar, planner or pocket calendar.

Package Design

Package designi

Services – Packaging Design
We Design: Box package design, Bottle label design, Tin label design, Can label design, Sachet design, Pouch design

Box Package, Bottle Label, Sachet & Pouch designing

What is a packaging design? Why is it important for your project or company?

The design of the package for a company’s product can become the company’s Brand identity, considering this we design the eye catchy packages according the product type. While designing the product package we consider everything from the content on the package and color scheme to the shape and size of the product package.

PetalCreation.com design various types of packages like:

  • Box package design
  • Bottle label design
  • Tin/Can label design
  • Sachet/Pouch design

Packaging design dramatically boost the product presence and make you and your company to stand out from the pack of competitors.

Custom Design

3D Design

Services – 3D Design
We Convert: vector conversion, scanned bitmaps, sketched drawings, old graphics

Vectorizing scanned bitmaps, sketched drawings etc.

PetalCreation.com We,3D Rendering and 3D Animation, lend form to your imaginative designs. We see your dreams materialize in virtual reality and help you complete the visual design communication spectrum for your ideas. Pioneers in providing high quality 3d rendering and 3d animation for diverse domains including Architecture, Industrial, Medical, Advertising, Cartoo, with our state-of-art techniques, deliver to architecture professionals, prototype designers, and industrial, medical industries, Special effects for TV commercial and TV cartoon series that need 3D animation, modeling or video presentation — a chance to envision and experience the final real-world feel of the product before going in for major investment in production. Our team of talented graphic designers, multi-media developers, architects and designers at 3D Labz with more than 20 years of experience in 3D Rendering and 3D animation offer incomparable quality at cost effective rates. With highly talented team in 3D animation industry, 3D Labz today handles a wide array of creative and technology solutions that include:

 Architectural 3D Rendering
Architectural 3D walkthroughs
3D Product design and animation
3D Medical Illustration and animation.

CD Presentation

E-Learning Design


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